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Bandai PG 1/60 Gundam Exia Model Kit

Bandai PG 1/60 Gundam Exia Model Kit

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Bandai's PG 1/60 Gundam Exia is a highly detailed, snap-together plastic model kit that allows you to build a 1/60 scale version of the popular Gundam Exia mobile suit from the anime series Gundam 00. This kit includes over 500 parts, including a wide range of articulation points and various optional parts to customize the model according to your preferences.

Once assembled, the Gundam Exia model stands approximately 30cm tall and features an impressive level of detail, including intricate panel lining and decals for added realism. The kit also comes with several accessories, such as the GN Sword, GN Long Blade, GN Short Blade, and GN Shield, which can be attached to the model in a variety of ways to create dynamic poses and recreate memorable scenes from the anime.


  • GN sword
  • GN shield
  • GN long blade
  • GN short blade
  • GN beam saber (x2)
  • GN beam dagger (x2)
  • Marking stickers
  • Silver stickers
  • Silicon sheet (x2)
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