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Bandai Pokemon Mimikyu Quick!! Model Kit

Bandai Pokemon Mimikyu Quick!! Model Kit

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MetalGarurumon is an Android Digimon. It is the final form of Garurumon and the ultimate form of Garurumon-species Digimon, and powered itself up by metallizing almost its entire body. Not only has it retained its natural keenness when it underwent metallization, but it can also pulverize the opponent with the countless weapons concealed throughout its body, whose number is rivalled by those of MegaGargomon, the high-temperature counterpart to the low-temperature MetalGarurumon.

Notes & Tips:

* Includes a scale model which requires assembly, this is not a toy.
* Actual model may vary from images & artwork.
* No glue or plastic cement required.
* No painting required.
* Use a plastic nipper to remove parts from sprues.
* Fine grit sanding sponges & tweezers recommended.
* Japanese kit which includes easy to follow clear illustrative instructions.
* Does not include tools, cement or paints.

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