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Bandai Q Posket Jujutsu Kaisen - Yuji Itadori (Ver. A)

Bandai Q Posket Jujutsu Kaisen - Yuji Itadori (Ver. A)

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A relatively unremarkable teenager, Yuji Itadori’s normal life with thrown into chaos when he accidentally consumed on of the cursed fingers of legendary spirit Sukuna. Now, acting as the vessel for this powerful entity, Yuji studies at the prestigious Tokyo Jujutsu High to better control his new abilities.

Recreated by Banpresto, this unassuming protagonist is now available as the Yuji Itadori (Ver. A) Q Posket PVC Statue! Featuring a vibrant colour scheme, Yuji adopts a fighting stance with an adorable level of stylisation.

Wearing his Tokyo Jujutsu High school uniform, this Q Posket will suit any anime fan’s collection!

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