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Lalaboom 8 Pcs Bloom Beads Caterpillar Bath Toy

Lalaboom 8 Pcs Bloom Beads Caterpillar Bath Toy

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Lalaboom caterpillar bath toy offer many function to play when it's bath time! Your child can play to assemble and dissassmble the animal, he/she will use the animal head as a squitter. The beads can be open and become cup for more fun into the water. The child can also mix and stack the beads together as a construction toy.

Include 3 educational beads (6 pcs) and 1 lacing accessory
The caterpillar head is a squirter
5 in 1 function
Senses are engaged as little ones explore the unique textures, vibrant colours, and smooth twisting movements.
As children grow, they'll discover endless connecting and stacking possibilities, strengthening creativity, pattern recognition, fine motor, and problem-solving skills.  Plus, this set comes with two lacing needles for an added dimension of tactile exploration and pretend play!

Patent pending and award-winning Lalaboom offers educational benefits to assist with developing children's essential skills from 10 months up to 36 months.
Aids in sensory exploration, colour recognition, gross motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

​Made from high quality, BPA-free materials
Suitable from 10 months+
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