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Ridley's List or Twist Game - What Am I?

Ridley's List or Twist Game - What Am I?

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A fast paced guessing game where the answer is only as easy as the clues!

A category-based party game for 2 teams.  A player from Team A list clues, one by one, to their team members, who must try to guess what is being described in under 60 seconds.

For Example: If the card says 'things that you bake'.  The player giving clues can state the category only, in this case 'food', then they need to describe what is on the card without using any of the words on the card.  So you could say 'cake', 'pie', 'cookies'.   The team has 60 seconds to guess what's written on the card.  But you have to decide whether to 'list or twist' as you loose points with every decision you make!

You'll need to think quickly in List or Twist, the category guessing game from Ridley's Games where the answers are only as easy as the clues! With categories ranging from TV and places to technology and pop culture, there's something for everyone.

2 X Decks Of Category Cards, Sand Timer, Pencils, Voting Slide And Instructions

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